Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and other Mac devices reports to under testing with M2 chipset; know the details

Apple after bringing the M1 ultra chipset in Mac Studio and Studio display, now working to debut M2 chipset. Moreover, the M1 ultra was the the last chipset from M1 line-up that includes M1, M1 Pro and the M1 Max. Now, there are reports that the company is now gearing up to bring next flagship chipset M2. In addition, there are expectations that the M2 chipset may get four new variants including M2, M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra. And, these upcoming chipset will arrive in multiple Mac models. Furthermore, the Bloomberg’s Mark Burman reveals key details of the upcoming MacBook machines that are under testing of M2 chipset.

Apple M2 chipsets for MacBook and Mac Models

The company is working to bring minimum nine Macs with the latest M2 chip later this year. Moreover, out of all, one device will be the latest Apple MacBook Air M2. The company is now testing these Mac machinery with third party apps in its App store. In addition, the Bloomberg suggest that the this testing is way towards the development, and hence the new machines may launch shortly in coming month. Furthermore, the report suggest that the first model under M2 chipset may be the MacBook Air with codename J413.

Moreover, the chipset will have eight CPU cores and 10 cores for graphics. The other device Mac Mini will have chipset with codename J473. Additionally, the report suggest that the M2 Pro chipset may be present in Mac Mini with codename J474.

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